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Coastrek-2012You can achieve extraordinary goals, you just have to set them! About three and a half years ago I read an article in the Australian Fitness Network magazine titled ‘The Power of Extraordinary Goals’, written by Di Westaway the CEO, the Managing Director of Wild Women on Top. Up until reading this, my biggest fitness goal had been running the City to Surf, 14km event. I’d completed a few 10km events but the City to Surf was the furthest I’d ever run.

The article said, “Goals of weight loss and fitness are often not enough to motivate people to change habits” (so true, you can always be ‘fitter’ and always lose ‘weight’, it’s a never ending goal). However; if you set yourself an extraordinary goal, you’ll “bounce out of bed, eat healthy food, have something exciting to look forward to and release the wonder drug of exercise every day”. Your goal might be weight loss, but the bigger picture is making health a way of life.

I was inspired by this article… and motivated a few clients and friends to sign up to Coastrek, a 50km event from Palm Beach to Balmoral. We trained and worked towards achieving our big goal of walking 50km. We did it! This has since lead me  and others to completing 2 Coastreks, the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km event from the Hawkesbury to Mosman and this year I’ve entered the 50km Wild Endurance event in the Blue Mountains and the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km event.

I never thought I could achieve what I have, but it’s amazing what you can achieve if you set yourself a huge, extraordinary goal. A big goal requires a bigger commitment. Also by choosing a goal with a team element you can’t quit as you’ll be letting your team down.

What’s your big extraordinary goal?

Read the full Australian Fitness Network article here
Coastrek Team 2012

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