Meet & greet with Sam & Snez

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Sam & Snez (Snezana) from The Bachelor at the launch of the new Weet-Bix Blends range. I was invited on behalf of the North Shore Mums Network. I was secretly excited as I loved the show. I had a brief chat to Sam about his 28 by Sam Wood online fitness program and Snez about how our daughter’s share the same name and that she really wanted to come along too!

North Shore Mums interviewed Sam & Snez about health, fitness, life and love. You can read the full interview here.

WWOT Coach

Why I became a coach with Wild Women on Top

I love being a coach with Wild Women on Top and I love seeing people learn that they really can do anything.

My journey with Wild Women on Top started as a Coastrek participant. After 2 Coastrek’s and a couple of Trek Training sessions I was hooked. I fell in love with trekking and hiking and I wanted more.

I was already a qualified personal trainer with about 15 years experience as a fitness professional. I undertook a 3 month traineeship with Wild Women on Top to become an Adventure Fitness Coach.

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May OH! Mag

May Optimum Health OH! Magazine

Download your FREE copy of the May edition of the Optimum Health Magazine.

This month you’ll be inspired by the way Di Westaway handled her “mid-wife crisis”, you’ll explore the benefits of exercise on your brain, enjoy some nutrition tips for a healthy heart, learn the habits of happy people, and lots more! It’s all in the new edition of OH! Magazine.

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In this month’s edition you’ll also read about:

  • 1 in 4 Aussie kids are getting less than half the daily exercise they should. 
  • 14% of Aussie parents are worried about their kids becoming overweight. 
  • 78% of Aussie kids are getting less than the recommended daily amount of exercise. 
  • 1 in 7 Aussies aged over 50 have evidence of macular degeneration. 
  • Exercise benefits your body AND your brain. 
  • Dr Joanna shares her tips for a healthy heart.
  • Discover celeb chef Pete Evans’ recipe for scrambled eggs with zucchini spaghetti and raisins. Yep, raisins! 
  • Share in food blogger Phoodies’ delicious recipe for spanakopita.
  • Mike Campbell explores why success is measured by sex, money or freedom.
  • Nardia Norman examines your ‘stickability’ in terms of motivation and willpower. 
  • Heidi Di Santo explains the problems with being judgemental. 
  • Greg Sellar confronts the four things you probably don’t want to hear.
  • Discover nine habits of happy people.
  • In the new OH! Magazine you can win over $1,000 worth of prizes. 
  • Discover all things new in healthy and balanced living.


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3k a day in May

3k a day in May

Looking for a bit of motivation to keep you moving in May? Join Healthquarters 3k a day in May challenge.

Challenge yourself to complete 3 kilometres everyday in May. You may run it or walk it as long as you do it in one block. Record your kms on the 3k a day in the challenge chart, including your walking / running route and the time it took you to complete.  Whilst you can walk / run, the aim is to reduce the time it takes to complete 3k every day. To record your distance download any app such as FitBit, Map my run, Strava etc. and use the GPS on your mobile phone.

You will fill in a pre and post challenge questionnaire so we can review the changes to your overall health, sleep, energy and fitness.

Share your walk / run routes, tips and join other buddies on the private 3k a day in May Facebook group:

It’s only $30 to register, less than $1 a day and you can pay via EFT or credit card. Why not get the whole family involved at no additional cost. You can motivate and encourage each other.

All registered persons will receive a FREE challenge pack.

Don’t delay, sign up today!

Pay online with a credit card or EFT to Healthquarters, BSB: 032050, Acc: 173539.

mums & bubs class

Mums & Bubs – Friday Fun Day Exercise Class

Join Healthquarters this Friday for our Mums & Bubs Friday Fun Day! Are you keen to exercise but stuck with the kids these school holidays? Bring them with you to a fun exercise class this Friday 9:30am – 10:30am on the netball courts at Willoughby Leisure Centre.

Bring along scooters, bikes, picnic rug, colouring books or something to entertain your kids. You’ll get to feel fit, fantastic and energised.

Afterwards, you can join us and the other mums and kids for a coffee, milkshake, juice, hot chocolate or whatever takes your fancy at the incinerator cafe.


Places are limited.
First class free!

mums & bubs

fit mums

Fit mums have fewer problems

Fit mums have fewer problems. Exercise in pregnancy is not only good for mothers, it helps babies too, a new study has found.

Researchers, led by Dr Henry Wiebe from the University of Alberta, reviewed 28 clinical trials with more than 5322 women to assess the outcomes of exercise during pregnancy on both mothers and their babies.  They found that women who undertake supervised exercise put on less weight, have smaller babies and less chance of having a caesarean section. Women who are active put on one kilo less than women who do not exercise and have 31 percent less chance of having a large baby. Their chance of having a caesarean section delivery is reduced by 20 percent.

Is has also been found that women tend to cope better in labour, recover faster and be less exhausted if they exercise properly.

It’s a win-win for mother and baby.

Healthquarters offers personal training and nutrition coaching for pregnant women. Healthquarters also offers group classes that are suitable for pregnant women to attend. To find out more, drop us an email.

Source: The Daily Telegraph. February 20, 2016.

morning exercise

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

I love exercise in the morning. So why mornings?…

1. Increase daily energy. When you exercise in the morning you’ll be energised for the day!

2. Increase metabolism. When you exercise early in the morning, it “jump starts” your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours, sometimes up to 24 hours! That means you’re burning more calories all day long just because you exercised in the morning!

3. Regulate appetite & make better food choices. Many people find that morning exercise “regulates” their appetite for the day – that they aren’t as hungry and that they make better food choices.

4. You’ll exercise consistently. Over 90% of people who exercise *consistently*, exercise in the morning. If you want to exercise consistently, odds are in your favour if you exercise first thing in the morning.

5. Regulate body clock. If you exercise at about the same time every morning, and ideally wake-up at about the same time on a regular basis, your body’s endocrine system and circadian rhythms adjust to that.

6. Take care of your body, mind & soul. For many people, that appointed time every morning becomes something they look forward to. It’s time they’ve set aside to do something good for themselves – to take care of their body, mind, and soul.

7. Increase mental acuity. Research has demonstrated that exercise increases mental acuity. On average it lasts four to ten hours after exercise! No sense in wasting that brain power while you’re sleeping.

8. You’ll ensure you do it. Exercise first thing in the morning is really the only way to assure that something else won’t crowd exercise out of your schedule. When your days get hectic, exercise usually takes a back seat!

9. Early to bed, early to rise. By exercising in the morning, you’re more inclined to go to bed earlier. Research has shows that the sleep you get before midnight is the most important and that people who exercise on a regular basis have a higher quality of sleep.

10. You’ll feel GREAT!

Healthquarters offers morning classes Monday at 6am, Wednesday at 6am, Friday at 6am, Friday at 9:30am and Saturday at 8:15am.

Apr Optimum Health Mag

April Optimum Health OH! Magazine

April Optimum Health OH! Magazine

Download your FREE Copy of the April Optimum Health Magazine. In this issue of OH!, we road-test a sit-to-stand desk, share some yummy autumn recipes, share some helpful tips for problem solving and better health, and explain why running really is the ultimate exercise. Check out all this and lots more in the new issue of Optimum Health OH! Magazine, available online, anytime at


  • Research has found that 88% of parents are unable to help their kids with their homework. Read more on p.4
  • Poor vision can have a direct impact on your physical health and well being. Learn more on p.4
  • Did you know stress can cause hair loss? Discover more on p.4
  • Great news for carer’s; you can now get a doctor’s certificate online. Learn more on p.4
  • Ever considered a sit-to-stand desk? Check out our roadtest in the new edition of the new OH! Magazine
  • Michelle Bridges recommends being your own health advocate. Read more on p.10
  • Success requires determination and never giving up. Learn more on p.11
  • Dr Joanna shares 10 tips for a healthier life on p.13
  • Get into Pete Evans’ amazing Asian mushroom salad this Autumn,see p.14
  • Demolish Phoodie’s ridiculously delicious vegetarian lasagne. Full recipe on p.16
  • Discover why running is the ultimate exercise on p.18
  • Nardia Norman shares her definition of fitness on p.19
  • Learn how to better resolve your problems on p.20
  • According to Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does” – but Greg Sellar begs to differ. Learn more on p.21
  • Grab your green thumb and get gardening with our autumn tips on p.22
  • Discover what’s new in healthy living on pages 24 and 25
about fitness professionals

Are you being trained by a fitness professional?

Are you being trained by a fitness professional?

When training with Healthquarters you can rest assured the trainers have obtained Exercise Professional Registration with Fitness Australia and carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Fitness Australia is the national health and fitness industry association. Registration with Fitness Australia demonstrates a commitment to enhancing industry standards and building the professional capacity of our industry.

For an exercise professional to obtain registration, they must have completed a fitness qualification, certificate III or higher and must meet certain criteria every 2 years including;

  • Current Senior First Aid and CPR certification
  • Receive 20 CEC points from continuing education courses
Fitness Professional

Fitness Australia

No exercise professional can obtain professional indemnity insurance without fitness Australia registration.

So, before you sign up to any fitness class or personal training service, ensure that your trainer is registered with Fitness Australia and that they carry insurance for your safety. You can search all Fitness Australia registered exercise professionals by clicking here.

Katherine Rothwell has been a registered fitness professional for 20 years! Katherine is also a Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional. This is currently the highest level you can achieve. You can view Katherine’s profile here.