Walk the Larapinta Trail  (3 day trek) June 2017

 The Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory is one of the finest walks in Australia. Walking the high ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges you will gain a rare perspective of vast flood plains, the razorback rocky outcrops and sheer scale of this ancient land.

Larapinta Experience in Comfort

Create memories to last a lifetime as you cross the Red Centre’s wild and untamed landscapes on this highlights packed short walking tour . Over three days you will enjoy the perfect introduction to walking in the outback with a selection of day walks along the Larapinta Trail. Each evening you will stay at Nick’s Camp, a comfortable and stylish semi permanent wilderness campsites which come complete with hot showers, dining tent & raised individual beds. Winding along high exposed ridge lines and deep, sheltered gorges, this gentle introduction to desert walking will traverse one of the world’s most evocative and ancient landscapes. While you walk, your support vehicle transfers your luggage and camping gear to the next campsite leaving you only to carry a day pack while you hike.

Brief Itinerary

DAY 1 Telegraph Station to Charles Creek, Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm Loop Walk (12km)
DAY 2 Serpentine Gorge to Counts Point and Serpentine Bush Camp (18km)
DAY 3 To Ochre Pits (7km) plus Ormiston Gorge return to Alice Springs where trip concludes


Total Cost, $1,595 ex Alice Springs
($1,395 World Expeditions & $200 12-week training program, treks & assessment walk)

Deposit $500

Download the trip notes here: trip notes


Tuesday 5 -Thursday 7 June, 2017


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Blue Mountains Hiking Weekend 10-11 September, 2016

It’s been 2 years since 15 Healthquarters women set off hiking to embark on the 45km Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains. Healthquarters if offering another Blue Mountains hiking weekend, this time staying in Katoomba. Join us for a weekend away of adventure and hiking 10-11 September, 2016.

Saturday 10th September
Arrive in the Blue Mountains by 9:00am where we will meet at a designated location and then drive to the Golden Stairway. Here  we will descend down the Golden Stairway and hike to the Ruined Castle. At the Ruined Castle you will enjoy lunch and a cuppa before continuing onto Katoomba, and returning to our cars . From here we will drive to our accommodation to freshen up before dinner.

Staying overnight in a Katoomba lodge and out for a group dinner at the Station Bar & Woodfired Pizza.

Sunday 11th September
We will start trekking by 8am and explore the 3 sisters, Giant Stairway, Leura Forest and Leura Cascades before returning to Katoomba and then Sydney.

What’s included:
1 night accommodation
2 lunches
1 breakfast
Snack pack
First aid


Numbers are strictly limited. Minimum 5, maximum of 8.

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End Of Financial Year Sale (EOFYS)

Healthquarters is offering an amazing End Of Financial Year Sale (EOFYS) on their exercise class passes. The classes are located in Willoughby and Artarmon and offer a variety of classes including boxing, HIIT, circuit, strength, cardio, x-training, walking and mums & bubs/toddlers classes.

Take advantage of Healthquarters End Of Financial Year Sale (EOFYS) and enjoy all of your favourite classes for less.

Buy now:

  • 15 class pass for the price of 10 – only $175 (valid 6 months)
  • 30 class pass for the price of 20 – only $330 (valid 12 months)

This EOFYS offer is only available until 30 June, 2016.

To purchase your EOFYS pass click here.

  1. If you are already a member, ‘sign in’ with your email & password OR if you are a new member, ‘sign up’.
  2. Click on ‘View Packages & Memberships’, then ‘Browse & purchase packages/memberships’ and select the 15 for 10 class pass OR 30 for 20 class pass

We hope to see you at a class soon 🙂

hill sprints

HIIT & Hill Sprint your Fitness Forward


Sprinting is by far one of the most fun, effective, and practical methods for improving total body speed and power along with being a very potent stimulus for rapid body composition changes (reduced body fat percentage).

Katherine Rothwell recently placed 3rd in the notorious Balmoral Burn. She puts down her success to the Monday morning 6am HIIT & Core class. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This class offers hill sprints as part of the training.
Why Hill Sprints Are Superior To Almost Anything You Can Do.

There is a whole host of compelling reasons for incorporating this powerful training method into your overall program. They include:

1. Safety:

Due to the inclined surface, maximum limb speed cannot be attained and thus serves as a safety barrier for your precious hammies! However, in the process, your posterior-chain muscles (low-back, glutes, hamstrings and gastrocs) get an incredible strengthening effect!

2. Technique:

Because of the inclined surface, you are forced to lean forward as you sprint, which teaches you the proper acceleration mechanics that you would want when sprinting on a flat surface. Hill sprints actually become your sprint coach because you almost can’t help but do it right!

Hills sprints also teach aggressive arm and shoulder action, which is so critical for maximal acceleration. You simply cannot sprint fast up a hill without deliberate arm action. This helps teach the coordination and little-appreciated upper-body drive needed to sprint effectively on a flat surface.

3. Efficiency:

Hill sprints offer great multitasking potential! You can train, catch a tan, and listen to your favorite tunes (or books on tape if you’re learning junkies like we are) while you train.

4. Optimization Of The Force-Velocity Curve:

Powerlifting guru Louie Simmons often uses the following analogy to explain the force-velocity curve: if you try to throw a bowling ball as far as possible, it won’t go very far because the mass (read: force) is so great.

If you try to throw a whiffle ball as far as possible, you’ll also end up with a short throw because the whiffle ball offers minimal mass to push against. A baseball, on the other hand, can be thrown far because it’s a perfect blend of force and velocity.

Keeping this analogy in mind, hill sprints offer similar advantages… in essence; they’re basically a “sweet spot” between lifting and sprinting. The best of both worlds.

5. Vanity:

Hill sprints are a great way to dramatically increase the caloric expenditure of an activity that already burns a boatload of calories when performed on flat ground. Again, think of hill sprints as a cross between sprinting and weightlifting. This has amazing benefits on body composition!

The next time you see a major track meet on TV, pay close attention to the short sprinters: they have arguably the greatest physiques on the planet… bodybuilders included.

6. Self-Discipline:

Unlike almost any other form of training, that hill has a way of making you work hard… once you’ve got your momentum up, you won’t want to lose it, so you’re actually compelled to maintain or even increase your speed. Again, the hill becomes your coach… you’re compelled to work hard and you’re compelled to have awesome technique… what other exercise can offer this?!?

7. Endorphin Rush:

At the risk of getting all misty-eyed on you, we gotta say, completing a hill has a Rocky-esque feeling of victory (honest!) Many of our clients have reported this experience after performing hills.

8. Functionality:

Lastly, sprinting is, well, functional. A lot of “functional training” guru’s constantly push exercise balls and Bosu boards, but we’ll place our money in a good program of hill sprints any day of the week.

June Optimum Health Mag

June Optimum Health OH! Mag

Download your FREE Optimum Health Magazine.

In this issue you’ll explore:

  • What it takes to be an Olympic Games hopeful, from our chat with Mat Belcher and Will Ryan
  • Childhood obesity, according to Michelle Bridges
  • 3 steps to stress less, from Justin Tamsett
  • Top tips for cardiovascular health, from Dr Joanna
  • Pete Evans’ paleo nachos
  • Phoodie’s pumpkin and caramelised onion salad
  • What you need to know about stroke
  • How to stop attracting unavailable partners, by Dr John Demartini
  • The world’s best cycling destinations.

Find out all of this and lots more  

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney Walk

Join Healthquarters Walk Fit Group on Monday 30 May and enjoy the Vivid Sydney lights whilst enjoying a workout at the same time.

The Walk Fit group will walk across the Harbour Bridge and take in the light shows of the Opera House, Circular Quay and Darling Harbour. The group will then explore the Argyle St tunnel lights, MCA and The Rocks before returning back over the Harbour Bridge.

Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce intersect.Vivid Sydney 2016 will be held from 27th May – 18th Jun 2016.

Date: Monday 30 May
Time: 7:15pm – 8:45/9:00pm
Meet: Kirribilli Steps, Broughton St, Kirribilli
Map: Click here

May OH! Mag

May Optimum Health OH! Magazine

Download your FREE copy of the May edition of the Optimum Health Magazine.

This month you’ll be inspired by the way Di Westaway handled her “mid-wife crisis”, you’ll explore the benefits of exercise on your brain, enjoy some nutrition tips for a healthy heart, learn the habits of happy people, and lots more! It’s all in the new edition of OH! Magazine.

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In this month’s edition you’ll also read about:

  • 1 in 4 Aussie kids are getting less than half the daily exercise they should. 
  • 14% of Aussie parents are worried about their kids becoming overweight. 
  • 78% of Aussie kids are getting less than the recommended daily amount of exercise. 
  • 1 in 7 Aussies aged over 50 have evidence of macular degeneration. 
  • Exercise benefits your body AND your brain. 
  • Dr Joanna shares her tips for a healthy heart.
  • Discover celeb chef Pete Evans’ recipe for scrambled eggs with zucchini spaghetti and raisins. Yep, raisins! 
  • Share in food blogger Phoodies’ delicious recipe for spanakopita.
  • Mike Campbell explores why success is measured by sex, money or freedom.
  • Nardia Norman examines your ‘stickability’ in terms of motivation and willpower. 
  • Heidi Di Santo explains the problems with being judgemental. 
  • Greg Sellar confronts the four things you probably don’t want to hear.
  • Discover nine habits of happy people.
  • In the new OH! Magazine you can win over $1,000 worth of prizes. 
  • Discover all things new in healthy and balanced living.


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3k a day in May

3k a day in May

Looking for a bit of motivation to keep you moving in May? Join Healthquarters 3k a day in May challenge.

Challenge yourself to complete 3 kilometres everyday in May. You may run it or walk it as long as you do it in one block. Record your kms on the 3k a day in the challenge chart, including your walking / running route and the time it took you to complete.  Whilst you can walk / run, the aim is to reduce the time it takes to complete 3k every day. To record your distance download any app such as FitBit, Map my run, Strava etc. and use the GPS on your mobile phone.

You will fill in a pre and post challenge questionnaire so we can review the changes to your overall health, sleep, energy and fitness.

Share your walk / run routes, tips and join other buddies on the private 3k a day in May Facebook group:

It’s only $30 to register, less than $1 a day and you can pay via EFT or credit card. Why not get the whole family involved at no additional cost. You can motivate and encourage each other.

All registered persons will receive a FREE challenge pack.

Don’t delay, sign up today!

Pay online with a credit card or EFT to Healthquarters, BSB: 032050, Acc: 173539.

mums & bubs class

Mums & Bubs – Friday Fun Day Exercise Class

Join Healthquarters this Friday for our Mums & Bubs Friday Fun Day! Are you keen to exercise but stuck with the kids these school holidays? Bring them with you to a fun exercise class this Friday 9:30am – 10:30am on the netball courts at Willoughby Leisure Centre.

Bring along scooters, bikes, picnic rug, colouring books or something to entertain your kids. You’ll get to feel fit, fantastic and energised.

Afterwards, you can join us and the other mums and kids for a coffee, milkshake, juice, hot chocolate or whatever takes your fancy at the incinerator cafe.


Places are limited.
First class free!

mums & bubs

fit mums

Fit mums have fewer problems

Fit mums have fewer problems. Exercise in pregnancy is not only good for mothers, it helps babies too, a new study has found.

Researchers, led by Dr Henry Wiebe from the University of Alberta, reviewed 28 clinical trials with more than 5322 women to assess the outcomes of exercise during pregnancy on both mothers and their babies.  They found that women who undertake supervised exercise put on less weight, have smaller babies and less chance of having a caesarean section. Women who are active put on one kilo less than women who do not exercise and have 31 percent less chance of having a large baby. Their chance of having a caesarean section delivery is reduced by 20 percent.

Is has also been found that women tend to cope better in labour, recover faster and be less exhausted if they exercise properly.

It’s a win-win for mother and baby.

Healthquarters offers personal training and nutrition coaching for pregnant women. Healthquarters also offers group classes that are suitable for pregnant women to attend. To find out more, drop us an email.

Source: The Daily Telegraph. February 20, 2016.