Exercise and your spouse will follow

Research suggests that when one spouse exercises and commits to improving their fitness routine their partner is likely to follow their lead, the study from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found.
The impact is so strong that, when a wife reaches recommended guidelines for exercise, her husband is 70% more likely to follow the example and reach the recommended levels.


Achieve Extraordinary Goals

Coastrek-2012You can achieve extraordinary goals, you just have to set them! About three and a half years ago I read an article in the Australian Fitness Network magazine titled ‘The Power of Extraordinary Goals’, written by Di Westaway the CEO, the Managing Director of Wild Women on Top. Up until reading this, my biggest fitness goal had been running the City to Surf, 14km event. I’d completed a few 10km events but the City to Surf was the furthest I’d ever run.

The article said, “Goals of weight loss and fitness are often not enough to motivate people to changeREAD MORE


Walking is the best way to get fit

WalkingWant to get fit? It’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, but walking is often overlooked as an effective form of exercise to get fit, according to a report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. UK researchers analysed 42 studies from 14 countries, and found that people who joined a walking group showed significant improvements in their blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat, weight and total cholesterol. They were also less inclined to have depression and reported greater lung capacity. Join Healthquarters walking group every Monday night for 1.5 hours of walking fitness and fun!


Healthquarters Bushwalk

We enjoyed a beautiful bushwalk and adventure through the Garigal National Park Cascades & Middle Harbour Tracks on Sunday 18 January! We met at 7am at the entrance to the Cascades Track on Stone Parade, Davidson. In 3 hours we managed to walk 14.8km and 21,555 steps!


Optimum Health OH! Magazine

OH! January 2015In this month’s edition of the Optimum Health OH! Magazine we chat with Founder of the Can Too Foundation, Annie Crawford, who’s helped raise $14 million for cancer research. Plus, you’ll also explore:
  • Heart rate training and intensity, from supertrainer Michelle Bridges
  • Why sitting is so dangerous for your health, from the feelgood physio Anna-Louise Bouvier
  • Why you should deal with your ‘stuff’ before it starts to deal with you, from emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo
  • The benefits of bodyweight training, by Mike CampbellREAD MORE

Healthy Heart, Healthy You

For a healthy heart follow the below guidelines..

  • Avoid tobacco
  • Reduce stress
  • Have regular blood pressure checks and keep within healthy range
  • Have regular blood cholesterol checks and keep within healthy range
  • Have regular blood glucose checks and keep within healthy range
  • Be active regularlyREAD MORE
March Optimum Health Mag

March Optimum Health OH! Magazine

March Optimum Health OH! Magazine

Download your FREE Copy of the March Optimum Health Magazine. In this issue of OH! learn how to boost your wellness with Tim Robards’ guide to stretching & mobility. We’ve also detailed the dangers of prolonged sitting, given you tips to help cope when a friendship ends, and lots more health and wellness tips from our resident healthy lifestyle experts. Read it online right now at http://joom.ag/vCop


  • Read Tim Robards, Stretching for Success guide
  • Stand up to boost your health
  • Discover 3 steps to staying motivated
  • Rediscover the joy of eating
  • Learn how to cope when a friendship ends
  • Get to know the top tips for abundant thinking
  • Lots of recipes