Mums and Bubs


Mums And BubsMums and bubs. Are you pregnant or just had a baby?

Healthquarters offers health coaching, fitness and nutrition advice for pregnant or post-natal mums and bubs. If you require coaching and support on healthy eating and exercise plans for pregnancy or post-baby, Healthquarters can help.

Healthquarters offers personal training for pregnancy, mums and bubs group fitness classes and nutrition consultations tailored for pregnant and post-natal mums. Healthquarters nutrition programs ensure you are eating all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for pregnacy and breast feeding as well as avoiding all the foods you can’t eat. We know how important it is for you to get the right advice.

Healthy eating combined with exercise can improve conception rates, decrease the chances of pregnancy complications, and promote long-term health for you and your baby.

If you’ve just had a baby and want to lose that pregnancy weight, Healthquarters offers a weight loss program that combines nutrition, exercise and weight loss to help you get back into shape.

Try out our ‘New Mum’s Pass‘. An exercise, fitness class pass that offers you 10  exercise sessions. We understand how difficult it can be to get to a class with a new bub, so we’ve not only extended the pass expiry to 6 months  (normally 15 weeks), we will also credit you back your session should you need to cancel because you’ve been up during the  night feeding or nursing an unwell child. The pass offers classes at only $19 each. Buy your pass now.

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