We love giving prizes

At Healthquarters, we love giving prizes. We have many amazing people who attend our classes on a regular basis and we want to acknowledge that and award you for being so consistent with your training. So meet our 2016 prize winners.

The following people have been awarded prizes of a Healthquarters sports singlet  for attending over 40 sessions this year. Please see below for the names and number of sessions this year so far:

  • Carolyn – 109
  • Suse.P – 84
  • Lara – 72
  • Jules – 66
  • James – 65
  • Em – 62 – pregnant with bub #3
  • Noemi – 61
  • Monika – 54
  • Susan.E – 53
  • Emma – 48
  • Benita – 43
  • Alex – 40
  • Nui 39 – so close and she was pregnant with twins #4 & #5 so is very deserving

I’d also like to congratulate our Spring Shape Up Challenge participants. These participants have been awarded the prizes of a Healthquarters sun visor:

  • Christina
  • Jac
  • Karen
  • Carrie

* Prize winners collect your prizes in class.
* All other members who attend classes between now and the end of the year will also receive a small thank you gift.



Only 5 more days to ENTER and WIN!

Buy tickets in the Healthquarters raffle to win some amazing prizes. The reason we’re giving away prizes is that the Healthquarters Nomadz team will be walking 50km in the Blue Mountains to raise money for the Wilderness Society. So think about this…

In just 10 short cold days we’ll be braving the subzero temps to scale treacherous mountains, cross freezing rivers and endure aches, pains, blisters, cramps, leeches and maybe even chaffing, all in the name of the environment. Now we’re doing the hard years, we just need your support. We’ll even give you the chance to win great prizes.

Prizes include:READ MORE